Two dwarfs as depicted in a 19th-century edition of the Poetic Edda poem Völuspá by Lorenz Frølich.

The dwarves were very secretive. They prefered to hide away in the mines and forges of Nidavellir [nid-uh-vell-ir]. They were master crafters. Dwarven goods were sought after throughout the nine worlds. Their jewellery was renowned for its beauty and majesty. The finest jewel in Asgard, Freya’s necklace, Brisingamen [bris-ing-a-men], is of dwarf make. Their weapons were strong and sturdy. It was the dwarves who made Gungnir [gung-near], Odin’s spear, which never missed its target. They also made Mjolnir [mi-ol-near], Thor’s mighty hammer, responsible for crushing the skulls of countless giants.