The Nine Worlds

In Norse mythology, there were nine worlds. These worlds were all connected to Yggdrasil [pronounced: ig-dra-sil].

The Higher Worlds

Asgard [as-guard] was the highest world. It was at the top of Yggdrasil. Home to the Aesir [ice-ir], it was a sprawling golden city. Within its walls was Valhalla [val-hal-uh], Odin’s [oh-din's] majestic halls, where half of those who fall in battle dwelt. These halls were also the homes of the Valkyries [val-ker-ee's]. Asguard was connected to the mortal world of Midgard [mid-guard] by a rainbow bridge called the Bifrost [bye-frost]. This was the only way into Asgard, and only those who possessed undying will could make the crossing.

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Asgard and Bifrost in interpretation of Otto Schenk of Wagner's drama Das Rheingold

Vanaheim [vana-hame] was the realm of the Vanir. It was a grassy world with roaring, wide oceans and vast meadows.

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'Rocky Mountain Landscape' by Albert Bierstadt

Alfheim [alf-hame] was a woodland realm. It belonged to the light elves.

'A stream through the valley' by Peder Mønsted

The Middle Worlds

Midgard [mid-guard] was the realm of mortals. There was great natural beauty to be found in Midgard. In the oceans that surrounded it lived the Midgard Serpent. A ferocious beast with jet-black scales and great fangs.

'California Spring' by Albert Bierstad

Jotunheim [yo-tun-hame] was the world of the frost giants. It was a harsh, misty place with dark forests and wild beasts.

'Storm on the Matterhorn' by Albert Bierstadt

Nidavellir [nid-uh-vell-ir] was a rocky land with tall mountains and deep caverns. It was the domain of the dwarves. They were master craftsmen and skilled blacksmiths who made their homes beneath the earth.

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'Höhle am Abend' by Joseph Wright

The Lower Worlds

Niflheim [niff-el-hame] was an ice realm. Harsh winds tore around this frozen wasteland.

'Winter in Yosemite' by Albert Bierstadt

Muspelheim [mus-spell-hame] was a world of pure flame. Wildfires rage, rivers of lava carve through the land, and molten fissures pocked the earth.

'A View into a Volcano' by Jules Tavernier

Hel [hell] was a cold, dark land located deep beneath the ground like a grave site. It was home to the dead and ruled over by the fearsome giantess, Hel.

'Last Reflection' by Albert Bierstadt