'Walkyrien' by Emil Doepler

The Valkyries [pronounced: val-ker-ee's] were beautiful maidens on white, winged horses. They swooped down onto a battleground once the fighting was over. Silently, they walked amongst the fallen. The Valkyries had walked on many battlefields. They had seen so much death that the sight of it no longer moved them. They looked at the fallen, sons who have died too young, fathers who will never return to their families, and still they feel nothing. Sometimes, the Valkyries knelt beside the fallen, delicately separating their spirits from their bodies and sending them to Valhalla [val-hal-uh].

By the time they had finished their task, half of those who have fallen will have been sent up to Odin's [oh-din's] halls. The other half will have to find peace in Freya's [frey-a] meadow.

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