Valhalla and Folkvangr

When the Norse warriors fell in battle, their spirits went to Valhalla [pronounced: val-hal-uh] or Folkvangr [folk-vang-ir].

The warriors chosen by Odin go to Valhalla.

'Valhalla' by Emil Doepler

These were the warriors who fought with great courage and skill. Their spirits are brought to Valhalla by the Valkyrie’s [val-ker-ee’s].

The Valkyries lived in Valhalla, serving mead, preparing grand feasts, and readying the warriors for the great battle at Ragnarok [rag-na-rock]. To find out more about the Valkyries, click here.

The hall itself was a shrine to battle. The roof was made of shields, the rafters were spears, and the feasting tables were breastplates. At the centre was a battle pit where the warriors could spar. High up, eagles circled the hall, and ravenous wolves guarded the gates.

The fallen warriors who are not chosen by Odin go to Folkvangr, a meadow overseen by Freya [frey-a]. It was a vast grassy plain where the fallen roamed. At its heart was Freya’s fine dining hall, Sessrumnir [sess-rum-near].