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Freya's Stolen Necklace

A portrait of the sea.
Image from Wix

‘Why do you have to sit so high up?’ Freya snapped. ‘It’s taken me ages to climb these cliffs!’

‘Sorry,’ Heimdall said. He could tell by the look on Freya’s face that she wasn’t in the mood to be argued with. ‘What is wrong?’ he asked.

‘It’s Loki,’ she said. ‘He’s stolen my favourite necklace, Brisingamen. He keeps expecting me to chase him, and when I do, he transforms himself into an animal and runs away. He thinks he’s funny. Right now, he’s at the Asgard sea, waiting for

me. Can you go instead? Maybe you’ll have more luck.’

Heimdall shuck his head. ‘I’m sorry, Freya, but I am at my post. I cannot leave it. I have to keep watch for giants.’

‘I promise you won’t be away for long.’ Freya glanced at the Bifrost. ‘And, besides, how long have you been watching this bridge?’

‘I have watched it for many years.’

‘And how many giants have you seen?’

‘None. B—but that isn’t the point. When Ragnarok comes, giants will spill over the Bifrost, and it is up to me to warn the Aesir by sounding the Gjallarhorn.’

‘Ragnarok.’ Freya scratched her head. ‘Isn’t that the one where all the gods die?’

Heimdall nodded. ‘It will be a glorious battle.’

‘But, if we’re all going to die at the end of it, is it that important to be warned about it? Just imagine if you were having a nice nap. Would you want to be woken up just to be told you will die soon?’

Heimdall folded his arms. ‘It is my sacred duty.’

Freya thought for a moment. ‘Did I mention that you might get to hurt Loki?’

Heimdall’s eyes lit up. ‘I would love to teach Loki a lesson. That hepped-up little twerp needs to learn some respect.’

‘It’s a shame you have to stay at your post.’

‘No—no, I’ve thought about it, and I’ve decided it’ll be fine if I leave for a few hours.’

‘Perfect,’ Freya said.

Heimdall mounted his golden-maned steed, Gultoppr, and rode to the Asgard sea.

Once he arrived, he looked around the shore. The sand was white, and the sapphire sea glittered. Heimdall soon spotted a fat seal wearing Freya’s gold necklace. That seal must be Loki, he thought.

Heimdall got off his horse and charged at the seal.

When Loki saw Heimdall running toward him, he quickly flopped into the sea and began swimming away. Heimdall ran to the edge of the shore and leapt into the sea. Before he hit the water, he changed his form, so he was also a seal.

After Heimdall had been chasing Loki for what seemed like forever, the two began to tire. Loki glanced over his shoulder. Heimdall was right behind him. If this kept up, he would soon catch him.

Loki spotted an island not too far away and swam towards it.

He leapt onto the shore and changed into his true form. Heimdall did the same, but as he jumped, he managed to grab a rock.

When he landed, he threw the rock at Loki. It hit him on the head, and he dropped to the floor.

Heimdall went over to Loki and nudged him with his foot.

Loki was unconscious.

Heimdall grinned. He bent over Loki and took Brisingamen off him. He slipped the necklace into his pocket and returned to the sky cliffs.

Freya was waiting for him by the Bifrost. She was pacing up and down. When she saw Heimdall approach on his golden steed, she smiled. ‘Did you get it?’

‘I did.’ Heimdall put his hand in his pocket and handed Brisingamen back to Freya.

‘Thank you,’ Freya said.

‘If Loki troubles you any more, come and get me.’


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